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Smile Makeovers
Encinitas, CA

A couple smiling after receiving smile makeovers at Encinitas Periodontics & Dental Implants in Encinitas, CADo you need a makeover? There are lots of times that we could use a makeover in our lives. Sometimes makeovers are as simple as changing your hairstyle. For others, a makeover may be as simple as changing makeup colors. Perhaps you want to makeover your house. While all of these are great, we’d like to offer smile makeovers for you. You can actually get a smile makeover to fix whatever you don’t like about your smile. In fact, Encinitas Periodontics & Dental Implants have lots of tools we can use in order to make changes to your smile. There are lots of ways that we can change your smile.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Let us talk to you about the many ways we can makeover your smile. Some of these smile makeovers can be life-changing. Our smile makeovers can change your smile’s appearance, which may change the way your whole face looks. If you have lived with cracked, crooked or broken teeth, we can fix your teeth through the use of veneers.

If we put dental veneers on your teeth, you’ll be able to smile or laugh like never before. Maybe you don’t have a lot wrong with your smile. Instead, you might only have a tooth or two that needs fixing. We could recommend bonding, which will allow us to fix cracks, chips or breaks in your tooth quickly. If you have missing teeth, we could put implants in your jaw to replace missing teeth. When we are done making cosmetic improvements in your smile, we could then whiten your teeth so that your smile is completely photogenic.

What Kinds of Changes Might be Made During A Smile Makeover?

We can make lots of other changes in a smile makeover. We may need to repair your teeth and gums because of changes that take place as you get older. Adults put an incredible amount of wear and tear on their gums. Your teeth may have been worn down to the point they no longer fit your face appropriately. You might also have excessive gum tissue, which can make your teeth look very small. We can make your teeth bigger through bonding or through capping your teeth. You could elect to have veneers on your upper teeth instead. Gums can be reshaped through a laser procedure, which can make your teeth look larger.

What if you aren’t thrilled with the shape of your teeth? We can help fix your teeth as well. If you think your teeth are misshaped, too small or too big, we can fix that with veneers. Veneers can make a man’s teeth look less feminine, or a woman’s teeth look less masculine. We can correct teeth that are oddly shaped through the bonding process.

While we do a lot of different dental procedures, these are a sample of the types of procedures we can do to get your smile to look the way you want it to. Each smile makeover is tailored just for you and the look that you want. Our goal is to make sure that you absolutely love your smile. Do you have questions about how we can tailor our plans to fit your plans for your smile? Why not give Encinitas Periodontics & Dental Implants a call at 760-632-9055 and let us help you with your smile makeover today.

"My experience with Dr. Bembey has been great… She explains everything that needs to done and makes sure you understand ... She cares about your overall well-being…. Her assistants also made sure I was comfortable and if I needed anything…. I am very happy with the dental work that has been done…. I have already passed on her information to a friend for her future dental work…" - Catherine L.

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At Encinitas Periodontics & Dental Implants each smile makeover is tailored just for you. Our goal is to make sure that you absolutely love your smile! Call us today!
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