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Dental Technology
Encinitas, CA

Dr. Bembey and Dr. Yokoyama carefully evaluate new technologies as they become available and incorporate those they find beneficial. We have been using dental software to manage our office since 1989. Digital x-rays were added in 1999. Our dental implant and sleep apnea patients have 3-D CBCT x-rays taken. These are for the evaluation of sleep apnea and the fabrication of 3-D guides for precise implant placement. Biologic growth factors have been a part of our bone and tissue regenerative procedures for almost 20 years.

In the last 20 years, we have seen some amazing advances in dental technology. Let our Dental Specialists tell you more about the latest dental technology and how we use it to help our patients.

Soft Tissue Laser

We have to say that one of our favorite products out on the market is the soft tissue laser. The soft tissue laser is one of the recent advances in dental technology. It is an tool in the battle against gum disease. When a patient has gum disease, especially if the gum disease is severe, we must use every tool at our disposal to fight it. One of the ways that we can fight gum disease is to scrape tartar off your gumline.

With a soft tissue laser, we can remove the tartar from your gumline without causing bleeding, and without causing you extra pain. We can also use a soft tissue laser to trim excess gum tissue, and we can even treat mouth ulcers.

CAD CAM Machine


CAD and CAM are two acronyms we use in dental technology. CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. It is a fancy term for a simple process - thanks to technology. With a CAD/CAM we can design dental hardware especially fitted for your mouth. This hardware would include dentures, implants, bridges and guards. We can even use the technology to make aligners for you to straighten your mouth instead of metal braces. Instead of waiting days or weeks for treatment, we can make appliances for you on the same day you need them.

Digital Panoramic X-ray

X-rays are vital to our practice. With digital panoramic x-rays, our patients are exposed to less radiation over time. Digital x-rays take seconds to develop, and they can be seen on computers and tablets rather than dental plates. We can see all of your upper and lower teeth in one or two pictures, which means we have a clear picture of what is going on in your mouth.

Intraoral Camera

In addition to x-rays, we can use a revolutionary camera that fits into your mouth. It’s called an intraoral camera. This camera gives us the ability to look at changes in your mouth over time. We can show you everything that is going on in your mouth.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Treatment

We have other ways to use a laser besides trimming your gums. We use lasers to clean up a tooth with bacteria before we place a filling. Lasers can even clean your teeth! With lasers, there is no pain, no sutures, and a shorter recovery time.

Micro Dentistry

Sometimes, we need to fit into a small space. We might also want to prevent pain and swelling in our patients with health issues. With micro dentistry, we can use a microscope to do micro procedures, such as cleaning, with far less swelling and pain. This is amazing for those patients who are on blood thinners, or who have other health issues.


Periotests are a diagnostic tool we use to make sure that there is nothing going on after we do an implant procedure. Periotests allow us to check your implants, and we can ensure it is functioning the way your implant is supposed to, even below the gumline.

Platelet Rich Plasma

There are times when we need to shorten the amount of time you need to heal. This is especially true if you have an immunocompromised system from disease or from medication. Platelet rich plasma helps to shorten the amount of time you need to heal. It also reduces your risk for an infection - which is important if your immune system is compromised. Learn more about Platelet Rich Pasma.

These advances in technology are amazing. Do you want to know more? Give Encinitas Periodontics & Dental Implants a call at 760-632-9055 so that we can give you information on the latest dental advances.

This Doctor is a true healer!

Dr. Bembey is truly a healer. Not one of those Doctors who is in it for the money. You can tell that she loves her job. She actually made it enjoyable, and I don’t normally think of gum surgery as something to enjoy. She is very knowledgeable, and her skills are awesome! She communicates well and tells you small details that really help a lot. And she is there for you if you need her. Most importantly, she saved me from loosing my teeth! This Doctor is a GEM!!! I highly recommend her.

-Lynn V., February 2022

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