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When is a Periodontal Pocket Reduction Procedure Necessary

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dr. Bembey and Dr. Yokoyama
When is a Periodontal Pocket Reduction Procedure NecessaryPocket reduction is an oral surgical procedure that removes harmful bacteria trapped in spaces between your teeth and gums. Even though scaling and root planing can help manage mild gum disease, pocket reduction surgery is crucial when the infection has reached the latter stages.

Understanding Its Importance

After measuring the depth of your periodontal pocket, our dentists will know the best way to treat it. One way of doing so is through a periodontal pocket reduction procedure. If the pockets are too deep clean with standard oral hygiene, we apply a professional care routine.

During the gum reduction procedure, our dentists fold back the gum tissue and remove any harmful bacteria. They do so before securing the tissue into place. If you have rough spots around the damaged bone, we smooth it out to limit the chances of infection. This allows your gum tissue to reattach itself to a healthy jawbone.

The pocket reduction procedure is also essential because it helps reduce the pocket depth. It also helps eliminate existing bacteria that could worsen periodontal pockets. By doing so, you will have a healthy smile free from oral infections. While getting rid of harmful bacteria is essential, it might not be enough to prevent infection reoccurrence. This is why you need a periodontal pocket reduction procedure to fix the problem permanently.

Besides, if you have deeper pockets, it could be challenging to clean them. This is why you need to reduce their depth to facilitate easy cleaning. A combination of reduced periodontal pockets and good oral hygiene will go a long way in improving your oral health. It also prevents the chances of oral infections that could result in tooth loss. Therefore, you should consider a periodontal pocket reduction procedure to get rid of such pockets. Contact us for more information on the periodontal pocket reduction procedure.

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