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Understanding Four Stages of Gum Disease

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Dr. Bembey and Dr. Yokoyama
Understanding Four Stages of Gum DiseaseGum disease is broken down into four different stages. They include gingivitis, slight, moderate, and advanced periodontal disease. Understanding what each stage is about will help you know the importance of keeping the disease at bay.


This stage of gum disease is the only one that can be reversed. This is possible because it hasn't started attacking the bones yet. This stage of gum disease is mainly caused by the build-up of plaque around the gums. There are a few signs at this stage, and they are mostly painless. Some of the signs include bad breath, redness, swelling of gums, and bleeding, especially when brushing your teeth.

Slight Periodontal Disease

This is the second stage and more advanced of gum disease. Unlike the first stage, this stage is not reversible. However, it can be managed. Once you are at stage two, the infection has most probably spread to sensitive areas like the bones. With time, the bacteria will evolve and become extremely aggressive, leading to bone loss.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

Just like the previous stage, moderate periodontal disease cannot be reversed. At this stage, the symptoms are similar to those of stage two but get deeper and greater. They go as deep as six to seven millimeters, making it possible for more bacteria to attack other areas other than your bones. For instance, they attack your bloodstream and weaken the immune system significantly. The only treatment option at this stage involves root planing and scaling.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

This is the last stage of gum disease. It occurs when the infection deepens further and turns bacteria into disease-causing bacteria. At this stage, you are at an 80% risk of bone loss. Apart from bone loss, this stage causes swollen gums that produce pus, loosening of teeth, cold sensitivity, painful chewing, and halitosis. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may have gum disease. Schedule an appointment with our offices before it is too late.

This Doctor is a true healer!

I had a wonderful opportunity to see Dr. Bembey! She really knows her stuff! I felt like she had my best interests in mind and she took her time and listened with an open mind and an open heart. I have some really tough dental issues, and she completely understood everything that I was going through and was able to guide me in the right direction. So great full of for her kindness and compassion.
-Shanon E., June 2023

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