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When We May Use a Periodontal Stabilization Splint

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Dr. Yokoyama
When We May Use a Periodontal Stabilization SplintIn some cases, we may need to use a periodontal stabilization splint to support teeth that have become loosened because of the loss of bone. The following information provides further information about this periodontal procedure.

What Is a Periodontal Stabilization Splint and How Is It Used?

Some teeth, when affected by periodontal disease, develop a condition, which, according to the site ToothIQ, is known as secondary occlusal trauma. ToothIQ states that the problem is often complicated by heavy pressure when the patient bites. If the teeth have lost over 40% of the support of the alveolar bone around them, they will need splinting. The same holds true for teeth with roots that may be thin or abnormally short, or the bone that surrounds the teeth, is not dense. According to ToothIQ, the placement of periodontal stabilization splints will substantially reduce any force placed on the periodontal attachment, thereby prolonging the life of the natural teeth.

Checking the Extent of the Disease

If the patient has gum disease but the bone around the teeth has become softened, due to inflammation, periodontal splints are usually not needed. By bringing the disease under control by other means will make the teeth less mobile. The main factors that contribute to placing periodontal stabilization splints relate to the amount of bone loss, tooth mobility, and the pressure placed on the teeth when the patient bites. Periodontal stabilization splinting, as the name suggests, stabilizes loosened teeth that have lost their hold due to bone loss and increased bite pressure.

Do you need periodontal care? Whether you need to treat bleeding gums or your gums seem healthy, we urge you to set an appointment for a periodontal screening and exam. Give us a call today to have your gums checked for periodontal disease. We will use a periodontal probe to measure the space between the teeth and gums, to check the health of your gums, and to determine the degree of gum disease.

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